Plant Based cuisine

La Cuisine selon Victoire is a holistic concept developed by Victoire, the owner of Le Domaine de Sirius. It focuses on a plant-based cooking, with organic “farm to table” products.

Eating well and enjoying it are paramount to making the body happy. And the mind follows: it can work hard and seize greater objectives.

Expect lots of delicacies: cakes and sweets hold a special place!

When possible, the vegetables you will find in your plate have been taken from the garden the very same day. Before being completely self-sufficient, we work with local organic permaculture farms from the neighborhood.

All the products used in the kitchen are organic and if possible local.

Most important, everything is homemade with love.

The food contains no animal product, no dairy and no wheat.

The cooking can be adapted in case of allergy (nuts, gluten/ oats etc). Please let us know prior to your arrival.