Your host: Victoire

Victoire Spoerry has launched le Domaine de Sirius in order to help those who want to feel good and the ones who want to explore deeper the paths to the light. Anyone can find what they are looking for, at their own pace.
Nutrition, plant-based cuisine and cooking are very important for Victoire. That is why they are in the heart of the wellness concept she developped.
Victoire's interests are many and esoterism is very important topic for her. She will recommend you books from her libary (many are in english). Through the activities she offers, energetic cleansing is a must. You may also choose wellness coaching, conscious walk, meditation, oracle reading and parties to celebrate the Full Moon or the New Moon.

La famille qui vous accueille au Domaine de Sirius, maison d'hôtes holisitique

The family

Christophe, Victoire, Madeleine, Charlotte and Pharaon

Christophe works remotely so you will probably see him around. He is the early bird, which is ideal for breakfast. He is passionnate about permaculture, which he develops on the ground of the Domaine.

Madeleine is 8 years old Charlotte 5. They both are very interested in spirituality but foremost by the swimming pool so this is where you will most likely meet them…

Pharaon, a Poméranian, is a very cute and small dog but he gets scared easily. He does not always get along with other dogs that is why he remains the only pet allowed on property.

The project is very important for the whole family. Sharing and giving are the fondation of Le Domaine de Sirius.