Your wellness at your own pace.

The Domaine de Sirius adapts itself to your rythms and to your needs.

Come when you want.

Pick the activities you want to do. Take time to unwind or make the most of it.

The approach is always different because each because each person is unique.

Your stay in the Holistic Guest House includes the wellness workshop of the day.

Please ask us for the programme.

Included activities

Price: 55 euros per session

Session for 1 person:

  • Energetic cleaning
  • Oracle reading: a lecture on your path in life
  • Wellbeing private coaching (45 mins)

Workshop, 1 or 2 persons:

  • Evening practice: Clearing your mind, creating the world you want
  • Meditation and mantras
  • Cooking in everyday life : ideas to make your life in the kitchen easier
  • Daily routine: alignements and roots
  • Walk in consciousness: breathing and how to let go
  • Permaculture, a discovery of the vegetable garden

Activities upon request

Booking in advance based on availibility (outside practionner)

  • Qi Gong, (1 or 2 persons) private class, 1 hour: 50 euros
  • Ostheopathy: 70 euros
  • Energetic reading of your aura and chakras. Auras are the invisible energy fields that surround all living things. The colors can be interpreted to give you a sense of your personality, inclinations, and patterns. 80 euros
  • Refloxology: 50 euros